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File Extension R01

File extension R01 is commonly associated to a segment of an encrypted file compressed using WinRAR's algorithm. Files bearing this extension are normally used for distribution over the Internet and to other networks. R01 files can be stored on any machines running with different operating systems. However, only compatible applications that are able to access RAR files can be installed on these machines in order to open R01 files. Operating systems supported by this file type include Windows, Mac, and Linux.

The root extension of a WinRAR compressed file is .File extension RAR, however, if a user desires to subdivide large files into segmented zip files, a random file extension starting with .R00 incremented with 1 will be assigned to segments of the file to allow compatible applications to recognize it as a portion of a larger RAR file.

The process of file compression is simple. Large files are run against file compression applications like WinRAR and WinZip to reduce the total size consumption of certain files. Compression applications perform different encryption rates such as 128-256 bit, but manage to preserve the original document once decompressed. In addition, some compressed files like executable files do not run unless decompressed using the reverse process.

Downloading compressed or zip files from the Internet can be more risky than one may have thought. Ordinary compressed files can be accompanied with deadly files that are designed to ruin a computer and conceal their true identify and classification.

Examples of these forms of deadly files are torrents. Numbers of torrent files distributed from several sources over the Internet (most are actually illegal copies of copyrighted movies, soundtracks and software), are shared as compressed files in order to lessen the amount of time required for the whole package to be downloaded. What users do not notice are the tiny malicious programs included in the package. These programs will then install its payload to the host computer adding potential risk to its health and the information stored in it.

There are few applications that can access R01 files. Its mother application, WinRAR, definitely has the capability to open and merge segmented files to form a single large file. Other applications known to render RAR files and its siblings (.File extension R00, .R01, .File extension R02, etc.) include UnRarX, Zipeg, Dare to be Creative iArchiver, RARLAB WinRAR, Alpha ZIP, Bitberry BitZipper, and Smith Micro Stuffit Deluxe. Linux operating system also has the built-in UNRAR application that can be used to open this type of file.

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